Captain of the Double Stuffed

Kyle Kosiba

Kyle is a true native Floridian. (not too many left) He was Born into fishing from his father. Kyle spent his early years fishing the Atlantic ocean when most kids were still in daycare. Throughout high school, Kyle spent his weekends and summers on the deck of charter boats learning everything he could about fishing and being a captain. After graduation, Kyle set out for his captains license and a career built around the ocean. From working on the booster retrieval ships for NASA to marine operations on the oil rigs in the gulf, Kyle lives for the ocean. Still as a merchant mariner, the fishing never left. Between owning and operating his own commercial fishing boat while on his down time from the rigs, to winning some big money in the local fishing tournaments, to a now, well knowledged, hard working charter captain, Capt. Kyle is a true salt.

Meet Captain Kyle

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