Trips and Rates

Double Stuffed Fishing Charters offers swordfishing, full day, half day, and shark fishing trips where we target a multitude of species.

12 Hour Swordfish Charter

Catch a central florida swordfish!  Your adventure starts early! Be at the dock at 5:30 am.  You will be briefed by the captain and enjoy a smooth ride out to Sword Grounds in our 27′ Sea Vee.  As you watch the sunrise, keep an eye out for flying fish, Sunfish, and the occasional hammerhead shark.  Once out there, the captain will deploy a deep bait for swords as well as several flat lines for dolphin, tuna and other species as you wait for the big bite.  Once bit, strap in, and enjoy the amazing power of a blue backed swordfish.

Full Day Charter

Spend most of your time on western edge of the gulf stream on this amazing 9 hour charter.  Leave the dock at 7 am with a fully stocked live well and/or all the rigged baits you’ll need for full day of fishing.  Spend your day trolling for pelagics like Sailfish, Dolphin, and Wahoo or bottom dropping for big charcoal Belly’s (Gag Grouper) and Amberjack.  If you get your fill of blue water action, come back in for Kings and Cobia on the Reef.  This is a great trip for those seeking blue water Adventure!

Half Day Charter

To the green water you go on this rod bending action packed trip on the Reefs.  Target kingfish, Cobia, Bonita, Red Snapper, Sea Bass, Mangrove Snapper and more!  Occasionally the blue water comes in and you still have a chance at your pelagics like Sailfish, Mahi (Dolphin), and Wahoo. Starting at 7am, most of your day will be spent with live bait and if you have never heard a kingfish smoke a reel before you are in for a treat.  Your sites of Turtles, Rays, and migratory birds will fill the short void between bites.  This is a great family trip for kids and novices just wanted to see what offshore fishing is like.

4 Hour Shark Fishing Charter

We ain’t talkin’ about pleasure boating or day sailin’……..We’re talking about sharkin’!   Don’t tell the swimmers but just off the beach of Port Canaveral you can catch Jaws or a smaller version thereof!  This is a 4 hour nearshore trip where the main target is sharks.  The sharks range from small sharpnose and bonnethead to 200 and 300 lbs Sandbars and Bulls.  All sizes of hammerhead frequent these waters too.  There is a chance at other species as well as Cobia and Tarpon frequent the same waters.  Spend the day (or night) pulling on what could be the biggest catch of your life!


Our Charter Options




  • $1,500
  • 12 hour trip
  • Primary Species: Swordfish
  • Possible Species: Marlin, Tuna, Mahi (Dolphin), Pomfret, Tilefish, Deep Water Grouper
  • Boat: Double Stuffed 29' SeaVee
  • Tackle: Lindgren-Pittman Electric Reel
  • Free Double Stuffed Cookies....Yum!
  • Starts 6am


Full Day

  • $900
  • 9 hour trip
  • Primary Species: King Mackeral, Cobia, Wahoo, Mahi (Dolphin), Sailfish, Grouper, Red Snapper, Amberjack
  • Possible Species: Kingfish, Bonita, Tripletail, Tuna, Barracuda, Mangrove Snapper, Sea Bass
  • Boat: Double Stuffed 29' SeaVee
  • Tackle: Shimano TLD's, Shimano Saragosa, Penn Spinfisher
  • Free Double Stuffed Cookies.....Yum!
  • Starts 7am


Half Day

  • $700
  • 5 hour trip
  • Primary Species: Kingfish, Cobia, Bonita, Tripletail, Barracuda, Red Snapper, Mangrove Snapper, Sea Bass
  • Possible Species: Mahi (Dolphin), Sailfish, Wahoo, Grouper, Tuna
  • Boat: Double Stuffed 29' SeaVee
  • Tackle: Penn Squall, Shimano Saragosa, Penn Spinfisher
  • Free Double Stuffed Cookies.....Yum!
  • Starts 7am


Shark Fishing

  • $450
  • 4 hour trip
  • Primary Species: Sharks!
  • Possible Species: Tarpon, Cobia
  • Boat: Double Stuffed 29' SeaVee
  • Tackle: Shimano TLD's,Penn Squall, Shimano Saragosa, Penn Spinfisher
  • Free Double Stuffed Cookies.....Yum!
  • Starting time variable

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