Trip Stories

Below are some stories from our trips!

Pomfret, Mahi, and a cobia on the way back in

Today was a great trip. My client wanted to try for a sword so we headed out to the sword grounds. On the way out we spotted a log in about 120′. We stopped, made a few casts with some pilchards and bam…..dolphin on. Not a huge ‘phin by any means but in the 8 lbs range we were happy. Didn’t see any others with it so off we went.

We setup on the sword grounds with our standard rig consisting of a strip bait attached to a ball bearing swivel. Above that we had our light and a 4 lbs weight. Current was ripping at 2 knots so we needed the weight to get down.

After setting up our deep bait, we put out a couple of flatlines with ballyhoo. Not 10 minutes after putting those flatlines out, another 5 lbs dolphin in the box. This one was accompanied by a bull, we got a hook in it, but then it was gone.

When we got the flatlines back out we looked over at the deep rod and something had gotten hold. We engaged the Lindgren Pittman and we were on. Something was different about the fight however. It wasn’t pulling like a sword. In fact it came up rather easy. Soon to the top we had a nice Pomfret, a delicious bycatch that you get while swordfishing.

The deep drop didn’t seem to pan out the rest of the day so we headed back in. On the way back we spotted a Cobia and hooked up immediately. Adding some nice Cobia fillets to the cooler with a 20 lbder ended our day nicely.

Great day overall. We’ll get the sword next time.

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